Health and Social Care CoP

The LD Health COP is a community of practice for Learning Developers with an interest in Health and Social Care students.  The community of practice acts as an online ‘hive-mind’ sharing information and ideas.  Every month the COP carries out online asynchronous activities in which all participants are encouraged to participate.  Members of the community are also encouraged to lead an activity which could be a discussion, a bring and share or anything else you can imagine.

The Learning Developer Health and Social Care Community of Practice will facilitate peer-based, collaborative learning between Learning Developers at all levels who have an interest in students of Health and Social Care. We recognise that these students have particular characteristics which may pose specific challenges for educators working in this area. The ‘social learning’ nature of communities of practice ensures that our capabilities can be developed collaboratively offering opportunities for new ways of working to be explored.

LD Health CoP aims:

  1. Enable people within the community to increase their knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation, in order to develop their own practice
  2. Make a contribution to the wider HE sector by sharing experience, knowledge and expertise between institutions.

If you are interested in joining the Health and Social Care CoP or would like more information, please email:

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