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As well as the annual conference, ALDinHE hosts several one-day events, known as Regional Symposia and 1-hour online webinars, throughout the year. These encourage the development of local communities and networks of practice and offer the opportunity to present on emerging work.

If you have not booked on an event before, please follow this short step-by-step guide.

To book on an event via the ALDinHE website, you need to be logged in to the website either as:

  1. an institutional staff member if you are a member of staff of an institutional member)
  2. a non-institutional member if you are an individual with membership)
  3. or if you are not a member, as a register as a website account non-member.

Please view our events listings below, if you have any questions, please email contact ALDinHE Admin.

Calling new presenters for the LD@3 programme.

We are looking for 20-30 minute presentations on all and any aspects of learning development. This could be an opportunity to tell the community about new innovations in your teaching or practice, to test out new ideas with a receptive audience or present part of your work that may go on to publish. Presentations will be hosted online at 3pm with opportunity for questions from participants. If you would like to present at an LD@3 session please complete the LD@3 proposal form and include an abstract of 200-250 words. We will be accepting proposals throughout the year. For any enquiries about offering an LD@3 session please contact ALDinHE Admin.

Calling new hosts for regional events.

ALDinHE hosts one-day Regional Events throughout the year. Regional Events provide an opportunity for practitioners with wide ranging experience to network and exchange practice on a chosen theme at a local Higher Education institution usually local to attendees (although you are welcome to travel). They encourage the development of local communities and networks of practice, offer you the opportunity to present on emerging work or practice, generate feedback from your peers and provide hosts with the support necessary for them to gain experience in organising external events.

Whether you are relatively new to Learning Development or an old hand, Regional Events are a fantastic and relatively cheap opportunity to learn from and share practice with each other. You will also contribute to raising the profile and importance of LD within your institution and nationally, as well as building up your own portfolio of evidence for your CEP/CELP application, UKPSF or research. 

Host HEIs are supported by ALDinHE with the organisation of their event, from choosing a theme, communications to the community and evaluation.

If you are interested in hosting a Regional Event please complete our google form or for further information please contact ALDinHE Admin.

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