Facilitate a Webinar

Facilitate a webinar for the LD@3 Programme

We are looking for one hour sessions on all and any aspects of learning development, consisting of a maximum of 20-30 minutes for presentations plus plenty of time for discussion. This could be an opportunity to tell the community about new innovations in your teaching or practice, to test out new ideas with a receptive audience or present part of your work that may go on to publish.

Presentations will be hosted online at 3pm with opportunity for questions from participants.

If you would like to present at an LD@3 session please complete the Google form below and include an abstract of 200-250 words. We will be accepting proposals throughout the year. 

LD@3 proposal form

F​or any enquiries about offering an LD@3 session please contact the Chair of the Events Working Group, Alistair Morey

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