Notetaking for better learning and assessments

This workshop will introduce students to the under-estimated skill of note-creation. It will cover taking notes in a variety of situations: in lectures, seminars and support meetings and when reading for assignments. Developing an effective approach to taking, organising and revisiting your notes can improve your classwork, assignments and exam revision. This workshop will consider both traditional and digital approaches to note-taking.

Activity time: 1 - 2 Hours

Types of media: Slides, PowerPoint File

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Checklist: Editing & proofreading your assignment

The document is a checklist, which could complement a teaching session on editing and proofreading skills. It could be used as a study guide for independent learning, or it could also used in class for students to observe/revise/critique a piece of writing.

Activity time: 15 Minutes

Types of media: Handout/s, Helpsheet

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Learn Hacks

The animations are all based around the themes of productivity, curation, discovery, collaboration, impact and transferable skills. It is to highlight the many ways students can engage with technology to improve their learning experience.

Activity time: 3 minutes

Types of media: Video

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