Mindful Practice Leading into Creative Writing

Media Type: Document
Resource Duration: 20 minutes
Tuition Type: Group, One to One
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Skills: Writing

This resource is for neurodivergent creative writers or anyone who wants to take a mindful approach to writing, and those teaching/leading them. It combines a mindful exercise with a writing exercise. The goal is to allow participants to enter into a ready state for writing, make mindful observations of their own space, and use this to undertake a writing exercise which encourages them to consider an alternative perspective. This could be used in a workshop with a group (it is particularly suited to online workshops), or by an individual in their own space. Participants will be led through a mindful exercise, in which they can make their own choices (including to not participate), which will be immediately followed by a writing exercise, again allowing for individual choices. There is enough structure for participants to feel that they know what they are doing, whilst providing flexibility to allow them to make choices that feel right for them.


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Institution(s): Rose Bruford College

Published: 24/02/2024

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