Annual General Meeting 2023

AGM 2023

Date: Friday 9th June 2023

Time: 16.20 – 16.45

Location: Online (please access via the conference programme)


Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education, to be held online at 16.20 on Friday 9th June 2023. Further details about the AGM are shown below.

A key matter for the AGM is the election of new members to the Steering Group of the Association. Self-nominations are now invited from members of ALDinHE who have the enthusiasm and experience to enable the Association to flourish, working with friendly and supportive colleagues on the Steering Group.


  • Contribute to the strategic development of the association
  • Gain experience in the operation of the association with people from other institutions
  • Develop professional skills that can translate to careers in and out of academia
  • Demonstrate impact for professional accreditations, eg. ALDinHE, AdvanceHE
  • Develop new insights into current trends and initiatives in the LD community
  • Opportunity to take responsibility in a chosen area
  • A chance to step outside of normal routine to become more objective
  • Benefit from knowledge exchange, share practice and influence a culture of collaboration

Further details about the Steering Group and a self-nomination form.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to the Secretary or any member of the current Steering Group. Nominations are requested by 30 May 2023 if possible, as an email attachment sent to  Nominations will be published on the ALDinHE website prior to the AGM.


Documents provided online in advance of the AGM and at the meeting itself.

This meeting shall be quorate if attended by 15 institutional or individual members.

  1. ALDinHE AGM minutes 10th April 2022
  2. Matters arising – update to ALDinHE’s values
  3. Co-Chairs’ report
  4. Secretary’s report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. * Report from Professional Recognition Working Group
  7. * Report from Peer Mentoring Group
  8. Report from the Research and Scholarship Working Group
  9. * Report from LearnHigher Working Group
  10. * Report from Conference Committee
  11. * Report from Journal Editorial Board
  12. Report from the Events Working Group
  13. Confirmation of Steering Group membership for 2023/2024

New Steering Group Nominations

Bernard Aidoo

Kiu Sum

Steve White

Current SG Members

The current members of the steering group roles are as follows (as ratified at the AGM held 10th June 2022):

Position Role holder
ALDinHE Co-ChairKate Coulson
ALDinHE Co-ChairChristie Pritchard
ALDinHE SecretaryTo be appointed (currently Kate Coulson who will step down, due to being appointed Co-Chair)
ALDinHE TreasurerCarina Buckley
Journal Lead EditorAlicja Syska
Professional accreditation leadSheryl Mansfield
Learn Higher leadJennie Dettmer
Peer mentoring leadSandra Sinfield
Research and scholarship leadIan Johnson
Events leadMaddy Mossman and Alistair Morey
Conference leadMelanie Crisfield
Steering group member without portfolioTo be appointed 
Steering group member without portfolioTo be appointed 
Steering group member without portfolioTo be appointed 

14. Any Other Business

(*) Starred items will be received and acknowledged, but not discussed. Questions relating to the work of the Working Groups may be sent before or after the AGM to the Association’s secretary:

Links to previous Annual General Meetings (AGM) can be found here:

The association operates under the ALDinHE Constitution.

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