04 Apr 2020 - 04 Apr 2020

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Cancelled Events

Due to COVID-19, this year’s 2020 Conference has been cancelled.

For those of you who have already paid, we can either refund your fee or carry it over to next year’s conference.  Please contact Katharine Jewitt ( and let her know which option you’d prefer.

The conference represents the opportunity to come together as an LD community, to share best practice and to socialize, all of which are important, particularly to those of us working in small teams or individually.  To maintain this sense of community this year, we will be running a series of ALDinHE@3 events over the next several weeks, on weekdays from 3-4pm. These will be hosted on google hangouts and links for each one will be made available prior to the session, so keep an eye on the listserv for more information.  We anticipate that members of other associations, such as LILAC, will be joining us, which will diversify the content and make for some stimulating discussions.

For presenters who would like to carry their session over to next year, we will be waiving the reviewing process for sessions accepted for 2020.  You’re not required to carry over, of course, but we’d like to give you the opportunity to do so while allowing for new submissions and content.  More information about this will be circulated with the new call for papers in the autumn.

The ALDinHE Awards and the AGM will proceed online. Please click this link for details.


To help maintain a sense of community, particularly since most/all of us are working from home, the ALDinHE exec and the conference committee are hosting LD@3, a series of online discussion sessions in the weeks commencing: March 30th, April 6th (excluding Friday the 10th), April 20th, April 27th, May 4th, and May 11th from 3-4pm GMT.  These will be hosted on google meet.

We’ve had a lot of interest from presenters scheduled for the 2020 ALDinHE conference as well as those who were scheduled for the LILAC conference, and so are able to offer a very full and diverse programme.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email.  We hope to see you at the sessions!

Upcoming Events

LD@3: Supporting student study circles

Date: Monday 6th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Cathy Malone

Location: Online via Google Meet

AGM 2020

Date: Tuesday 07 April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Location: Online via Google Meet

Agenda: Click here to read the agenda.

ALDinHE Annual Conference Quiz – Now Online

Date: Tuesday 7th April 2020 – Time: 19.00

Registration required by 7th April at 10.00

The ALDinHE conference committee would like to invite you to participate in our annual conference quiz next Tuesday, 7 April at 7pm BST.  You don’t have to have registered for the conference or be an ALDinHE member to attend – everyone is welcome!

Our brilliant quizmaster, Tim Hinchcliffe, will be running the quiz via Zoom.  If you would like to participate, please register before 10am (BST) on 7 April. Once registration has closed, we will send the link to all registered participants.  

Teams will be assigned randomly, so if you don’t need to organise your teams in advance or worry if you don’t know anyone else!  The winning team will receive a very nice prize… But we’re keeping the details of that secret until the quiz has ended!

If you have any questions, please email

LD@3: Nevermind the ‘buzz’ quiz

Date: Wednesday 8th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Mark Dawson

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Supporting Open University students in prison

Date: Monday 20th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Hossam Kassem and Geraldine Huzar

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: The need to read: a mismatch of expectations

Date: Tuesday 21st April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Sonja Rewhorn

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Meetup for PGRs doing research into Learning Development

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Ian Johnson

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Creative solutions to common group work problems

Date: Thursday 23rd April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Helena Beeson, Richard Byles

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Special Collection Artefacts in Learning Development

Date: Friday 24th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Katherine Koulle, Qian Zhang

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Using coaching to support first-year students’ skills development

Date: Monday 27th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Isabelle Brent

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Peer mentoring

Date: Tuesday 28th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Steve Briggs and Sandra Sinfield

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Back to the future for The Writing Café

Date: Wednesday 29th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Christie Pritchard

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills Using Improvisation Techniques

Date: Thursday 30th April 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Jessica Napthine-Hodgkinson and Nicola Grayson

Location: Online via Google Meet


Date: Friday 1st May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Graeme Spurr

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Emotional Labor of Teaching Information Literacy: Impact, struggle, and strategies

Date: Monday 4th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Lorraine Evans and Karen Sobel

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Encouraging active reading

Date: Tuesday 5th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Laura Barclay

Location: Online via Google Meet

Notes: I will be using this text of Rumpelstiltskin as a basis for the session and you are welcome to read this in advance of the session. The session will be interactive and Laura will be posing questions to participants, with the answers found in the story.

LD@3: Assessment support

Date: Wednesday 6th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Debbie Holley

Location: Online via Google Meet


Date: Thursday 7th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Emma Shackleton

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: The Change Laboratory – an online research methodology for defining and delivering change

Date: Monday 11th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Jane Nodder

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Reviewing for the JLDHE

Date: Tuesday 12th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Alicja Syska

Location: Online via Google Meet


Date: Wednesday 13th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Helen Webster

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Librarians’ Development as Teachers

Date: Thursday 14th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Andrea Baer

Location: Online via Google Meet

LD@3: Librarians’ Development as Teachers

Date: Friday 15th May 2020 – Time: 15.00

Presenter(s): Karen Sobel and Zachary Newell

Location: Online via Google Meet

Annual Conference 2021

This 3-day conference is held on the Monday – Wednesday before Easter and is hosted by a different university each year.

Our next conference will be held on the 29th, 30th, 31st March 2021 at The University of Northampton.


Regional Symposia

As well as the annual conference, ALDinHE hosts several one-day events, known as Regional Symposia, throughout the year, to encourage building local communities and networks of practice, as well as inspiring others to host future events.

Whether you are new to Learning Development or an old hand, Regional Symposia are a fantastic and accessible opportunity to learn from and share practice with each other, and contribute to your own research and professional development.

Interested in hosting, attending or presenting at a symposium?
Contact one of the regional coordinators:

Madeleine Mossman –
Dr Alistair Morey –



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