Checklist for deaf or hard of hearing students at the start of studying a new course.

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Resource Duration: 60 minutes
Tuition Type: One to One
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This checklist is to help deaf or hard of hearing students, when embarking on a new course of study. The checklist helps students get the most out of their study by asking a series of questions to help them find information, advice and support.


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Learning Outcomes

This checklist helps students who are deaf or hard of hearing to get the most out of their study by asking questions and sourcing information, support and guidance on the following subjects:

  • Reflecting on how they are feeling and if they have any worries.
  • Seeking help and advice from Disability Support Teams.
  • Checking eligibility for funding.
  • Checking alternative formats of course material.
  • Identifying communication needs.
  • Strategies for working with other people.
  • Addressing challenges and problems.
  • Thinking about what equipment would be helpful.
  • Reading, writing and taking notes.
  • Support for assignments and examinations.

Additional Resource Information

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Institution(s): The Open University

Published: 28/02/2024

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