20 Most Popular Resources

What's the difference between description and critical analysis?

The difference between descriptive and critical writing It is important that students understand the difference between descriptive writing and adopt a critical stance, and are able to show clear evidence…

Referencing exercises

A set of four referencing exercises, complete with answers. Exercises cover: Is a Reference Needed? Where Should the Citations Go? “ I Didn’t Reference the Source Because…” Referencing Errors.

Instruction words in essay questions

This resource prompts students to initially consider what the assignment question is asking directly, by identifying key phrases. Although variant upon subject, the resource identifies general definitions for key words…

Excelling at critical analysis: a 3-stage method with an image

The 3-stage method breaks down academic writing into three elements: description, analysis, and critical evaluation, and asks the students to work with an image. In the first stage, students describe…

Why is report writing so important?

Often report writing at university is presented as deceptively simple – all you need to do is ensure you follow the required report structure, and write clearly and concisely. But…

'Cards Against' Feedback

This activity was designed for an academic and study skills workshop, 'Making the Most of Feedback'. This is a game based on the infamous card game 'Cards Against Humanity' (but…

Effective communication

Advice on how to communicate effectively, particularly in a group working environment. Areas covered include active listening, body language and clarity of expression. An effective team communicates well. Poor communication…

Is a dissertation just a longer report?

This guide is designed to show you how to adapt your current report writing practices for doing a longer independent research project like a dissertation. If you are planning to…

The Three Domains of Critical Reading

A set of handouts which can be used to explore the various dimensions of reading critically. Slides which outline the three ways the resource could be used as a teaching…

Writing clearly and concisely

A helpsheet explaining how to write clearly and concisely. Includes sections on the use of long words and abbreviations. Better report writing isn’t just about getting your information in the…

Feedback and reflection in group work

An overview of tips for providing and receiving useful and constructive feedback in a group working environment. It covers tips for both giving and receiving feedback. An important part of…

Essay writing pack

A downloadable workbook for students which can be tailored to different essay questions. The workbook structures enables the essay to be structured in an orderly way, allowing for the process…

Creative Learning Activity Cards

Creative Learning Activity Cards are an interactive teaching and learning resource for students of creative subjects at Foundation, BA or MA level to help scaffold student academic skills. This evidence-based…


This is a PPT with accompanying worksheet that gives students practice in forming a position on a topic (in this case eugenics) based on prompts and some preliminary reading. Students…

Checking your assignments' references

This resource highlights the importance of referencing to the overall assignment quality. The resource directs students to proof-read their work and identify correct use of referencing in the main body…

Group Project Management

An overview of tips to effectively manage group work projects. It covers breaking down the task, scheduling and setting deadlines, communicating and monitoring progress. Good teams are organised and plan…

Reference Properly-Part One: Citations

Resource overview The resource consists of a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying activity booklet. The PowerPoint explains to students how to prepare citations following the Harvard System of Referencing. The…

Active note-making skills

This resource includes three interactive activities for helping students develop their note-making skills and for understanding when, how, and why they should be recording information.

Example agenda and minutes for group work meetings

Some sample documents to help students get started with organising their group project meetings. Includes a sample meeting agenda, and sample minutes from a group project meeting.

How do I critically analyse my findings?

A helpsheet outling a step by step explanation of the analysis of research findings. This includes an example of the process. We interviewed academics who set reports as assignments. They…

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