(Re)Building Higher Education

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We are in times of certain uncertainty, consequently; Higher Education (HE) is in need of constant reflexive adaptation as never before. The lack of an evidence-based response to teaching, learning and assessment post-pandemic – whether that be face-to-face, virtual, and in hybrid delivery – is becoming increasingly visible on the ground. The new realities have yet to be adequately defined let alone implemented with student-needs as the driver.

Within HE, Learning Development (LD) has evolved over the years and found its place, alongside, with and for the student. However, questions about its future are still raised, especially by those believing in remedial models of student support.

This Guide actively and creatively imagines a different HE, one that has compassionate student development and support at its heart.

The thrust of the project: To investigate what sort of HE we inhabit today – and therefore what sort of HE we as Learning Developers (LDers) and creative practitioners imagine and might create together.

What we did: The LD and #creativeHE communities were invited to participate in workshops to reflect on the current status of HE and, at the same time, to conceptualise what form a humane and integrated LD would take within that HE system. The outcome is this open-source Guide of HE models – real and idealised – to seed discussion of what sort of HE we want – and what HE would fit students, lecturers and LDers.

The Guide is for all those involved in teaching, learning support, educational research and related professional support roles – especially those that wish for a more inclusive, creative and humane HE.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and apply analytical strategies
  • Develop and apply critical and appraisal capacities
  • Develop communication skills, capacities and aptitudes
  • Develop and apply creative research methods
  • Develop and apply creative dialogic teaching and learning approaches
  • Develop your inner playfulness

Additional Resource Information

Author: Tom Burns - View all resources by Tom Burns

Institution: London Metropolitan University

Additonal Author(s): Sandra Abegglen, Maryam Akhbari, Sonia Kamal

Additonal Institution(s): University of Calgary

Published: 24/07/2023

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