Creative Learning Activity Cards

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Resource Duration: 30 minutes
Tuition Type: Group
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Creative Learning Activity Cards are an interactive teaching and learning resource for students of creative subjects at Foundation, BA or MA level to help scaffold student academic skills. This evidence-based resource consists of 50 activity cards divided into five sections of ten cards on:

  • Planning
  • Research
  • Thinking
  • Writing
  • Wild Card (includes tips for overcoming writer’s block, anxiety and procrastination, and building motivation)

The cards can be used as materials in both online and face-to-face facilitated seminars or workshops, as the basis for teaching in lectures or as an independent study resource for students.To print you can use PowerPoint option of choosing number of slides per page, e.g. 4 slides per A4 and cut them out. You could also choose single page and print the desired ones to full A4 so they can be used as A4 handouts. Another option could be using photo paper, e.g. 10x15cm and print them individually (select ‘fill whole page’ option via printer setting).


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Learning Outcomes

  1. Practise a range of strategies for academic essay planning and writing.
  2. Practise strategies to address the emotional side of studying
  3.  Develop independent study techniques.

Additional Resource Information

View resources by author(s): Julia Kotula

Institution(s): The Arts University Bournemouth

Published: 10/01/2022

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