Draw to Learn

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Resource Duration: 180 minutes
Tuition Type: Group
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A workshop designed to show how drawing and visually representing objects or themes can help to support learning and increase creativity. Includes links to the theory behind creative/visual practices.

This PDF captures a whole workshop that has been used used at London Met with staff – and with students – to get more creative approaches to getting learning started. When using creative techniques, you could tell students that there are extra marks available for risk taking and creative approaches. You could also set an assignment task of devising a teaching and learning resource for some aspect of the module.


  • Run a Draw to Learn session with a group of students.
  • Start a session by asking students to draw what they want from it.
  • End a session by asking students to draw their notes – using no words at all.
  • Set students the task of exploring the online resources and reporting back to the class, blogging about it or making some sort of teaching/learning resource that captures the best ideas, the ones that they want to transmit to others or put into practice themselves.


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Published: 14/01/2012

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