Generative AI: a problematic illustration of the intersections of racialized gender, race and ethnicity

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This workshop aims to develop practical awareness and understanding of the problematic nature of using generative AI. Specifically, this workshop aims to develop critical and analytic thinking around the underpinnings of generative AI along with what generative AI (re)produces concerning race and gender.

We highly recommend you read the blog before delivering this workshop. We also recommend you share it with students to read after their participation e.g. as part of the ‘post-workshop’ materials.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise and understand biases in generative AI, particularly regarding race and gender.
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking to make ethical choices and address biases in practical AI applications.
  • Communicate the ethical complexities of AI’s impact on race and gender, promoting awareness towards ethical considerations and solutions.

Additional Resource Information

Author: Nayiri Keshishi - View all resources by Nayiri Keshishi

Institution: University of Surrey

Additonal Author(s): Dustin Hosseini

Additonal Institution(s): University of Glasgow

Published: 05/02/2024

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