Groupwork role play

Media Type: Document
Resource Duration: 60 minutes
Tuition Type: Group
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This workshop activity facilitates participants to practice their groupwork skills whilst negotiating a response to a given scenario. It provides the opportunity to plan and film responses to create more groupwork opportunities and discover new digital skills. The outputs of these could be edited into a more formal video should you wish to develop them into future teaching material, but consent would need to be gained from each participant for this.

There are 5 scenarios (one for each group of students) in the Group work skills MS Word document and one MS Word tutor guidance sheet.


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Learning Outcomes

● To practice groupwork skills

● To understand common reasons why groupwork projects fail

● To develop employability competencies

● To learn filming and editing techniques

Additional Resource Information

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Institution(s): University of Northampton

Published: 22/08/2022

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