Text-scrolling with David Middlebrook

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A live demonstration of the text-scrolling technique, which supports student comprehension of and engagement with reading and writing, through a multisensory, interactive approach that builds student confidence in academic reading and writing.

This is Episode 11 of the Learning Development Project podcast, where Dave discusses in much more detail about the ideas behind text-scrolling and further ways in which it can be used. This episode and all previous ones are available at The LD Project podcast.


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Learning Outcomes

To witness the originator of text-scrolling demonstrating the technique

To gain confidence in using the technique with students, in order to:

  • build student confidence in engaging with complex academic texts
  • support students in discovering and exploring different features of academic texts
  • help students identify the structure of a text and the reasons for it
  • support students in making connections between different features of a text and synthesising the content
  • support students’ reading comprehension and writing skills

To facilitate opportunities for networking and collaboration

Additional Resource Information

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Institution(s): Southampton Solent University, University of Plymouth

Published: 24/05/2023

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