The I.D.E.As framework: a resource to help structure thinking about the use of (Gen)AI in learning & teaching

Resource Duration: 15 minutes
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A set of slides with ideas and suggestions of activities to:

  1. Introduce’ students to generative AI (GenAI) tools such as ChatGPT, raising issues of concern and encouraging critical engagement;
  2. Develop and Empower’ students through using GenAI tools to personalise learning and provide tailored, individual support;
  3. Encourage reflection on ‘Assessment’ and think about assessment design in relation to the rapid development of AI/GenAI tools.

It is hoped that the initial I.D.E.AS framework will provide useful resource, but that educators may then use the framework to curate their own resources, tailored to their disciplines and students.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the limitations and potential strengths of GenAI tools in relation to learning and teaching within Higher Education.
  • Prepare students for engaging critically and effectively with GenAI tools.
  • Select activities that will support the development of students as independent learners.
  • Critically reflect on assessment design in relation to AI and GenAI tools
  • Develop and curate additional activities within the I.D.E.As framework to support student engagement with AI/GenAI tools

Additional Resource Information

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Institution(s): University of Surrey

Published: 09/01/2024

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