LD@3: Meetup for PGRs doing research into Learning Development

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This session is an informal opportunity for a meetup over lunch for all those Learning Development staff who are also doing postgraduate research. This aims to build on previous work by ALDinHE’s Professional Development Working Group in 2019, from which a list of known research interests emerged.

The session is proposed with masters/doctoral researchers in mind, but is equally open to anyone carrying out research in and around the LD field. It is hoped that by getting together informally over lunch, this could become the beginning of a community of research-active ALDinHE members. Aims of the informal session would include: finding out about each other’s research interests/projects; discussing what, if any, peer support attendees would find beneficial; and deciding whether there is expertise in the the group to set up some mutual support mechanisms such as skills-swapping.


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Event Date: 22/04/2020

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