LD@3: Supporting students’ learning in maths: three-step online assessments with increasing structural complexity

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The enhancement of students’ maths skills in Higher Education is one of the hot topics of professional debate in learning development. Several resources have been designed to advance these skills, e.g.  LearnHigher and Sigma network. However, the lack of discipline-specific maths materials to support students’ learning, is still an outstanding issue.

The aim of our project, funded by ALDinHE and Sigma Mathematics networks for Excellence in Mathematics & Statistics, was to tackle the issue of the poor performance of students in maths by using three-step online assessments, which gave us quality formative feedback and grading. The online tests are based on Biggs and Collis’s SOLO taxonomy, which suggests the increasing structural complexity of online assessments enhances student learning.

Furthermore, the evaluation of chemistry students’ performance, various learning styles and A level maths requirements, showed that our undergraduate chemistry programmes could benefit from a combination of assessment techniques. These ensure validity, reliability and efficiency of the assessment system. Consequently, embedding online maths assessments into the Year 1 course was followed with some changes to the delivery of teaching material and assessment. The outcomes of the evaluation of our teaching delivery and assessment, will open up discussions about students’ performance in maths and its relation with the A level entry requirements


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Event Date: 16/07/2020

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