LD@3: The Inclusivity Gap

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This workshop will engage delegates with a range of questions and case studies to demonstrate that a variety of strategies are needed for inclusive practice in HE. Starting from the premise that there is currently a huge gap in inclusive practice, a collaboration between 39 academics, students and professionals from 20 different institutions has resulted in the development of 8 approaches to inclusive learning and teaching for discussion: (1) know your student cohort; (2) embed inclusivity within institutional processes; (3) co-create curricula; (4) adapt lecturing approaches to incorporate a range of strategies; (5) teach academic writing so that students can learn; (6) create learning assessments that truly assess; (7) adapt for retention; (8) foster a good work placement ethos. This has been described by a senior advisor at Advance HE as “an important contribution to the growing work on inclusivity in Higher Education”.

Opportunity for experiential learning will occur when delegates will be invited to volunteer to take part in a ‘privilege walk’, which even with a roomful of academics, results in a demonstration of privilege for contemplation and discussion. This powerfully engages delegates in thinking and debating about the range of privilege amongst their students. The workshop continues with a discussion about the 8 approaches with examples of good practice. There is an opportunity to experience the confusion that some students may feel in HE when delegates are invited to a party – but they don’t know the rules.


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Institution(s): Loughborough University

Event Date: 21/09/2021

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