LD@3 Supporting the Scholarship of Learning Development

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How far, and in what ways, is our practice informed and shaped by scholarship? What various types of scholarly activity do learning developers currently engage in, or would they be interested in engaging in? What even ‘counts’ as scholarship in the first place? These questions cut across several areas of ALDinHE’s work – from supporting LD-related research, to producing work for publication, to theorising and critiquing educational practice, to developing our personal and collective professional identities. This session invites you to join this ongoing conversation about how we can support, encourage and nurture the scholarship of learning development. We are also keen to hear people’s views on how we should recognise and celebrate the broad scope of our scholarly activity (from journal articles, to conference presentations, to blogging and much, much else besides). Learning Development also has a proud history of holding a critical lens to HE’s dominant norms and practices, and this includes challenging narrow and potentially exclusionary definitions of what ‘legitimate’ scholarship is. What might this mean for how we as a community recognise scholarship’s value and legitimacy within our own field?


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Institution(s): Aston University, University of Plymouth, University of Portsmouth, Canterbury Christ Church University, Queen Mary University of London, University of Bedfordshire, Southampton Solent University

Event Date: 14/10/2021

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