Six steps to success

Activity time: 40 minutes

Types of media: Handout/s, Slides, PowerPoint File, Word Document


Tom Burns, Sandra Sinfeld (London Metropolitan University)


A presentation outlining a whole new approach to successful study. The six steps are:

S = Study Techniques and practices
O = Overview
C = Creativity
C = Communicate effectively
E = Emotions
R = Review, review, review

Also includes a booklet for students' reference, and some suggested activities to follow the presentation.


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About this resource

Download six steps to success: slides

Download six steps to success: booklet

For a session with students to get them interested in a whole new approach to successful study. The ppt can be used to support a session exploring the six steps –and the booklet can be placed in the VLE for students to explore at their leisure.

Currently the booklet refers to additional information in Burns & Sinfield (2004) Essential Study Skills: the complete guide to success at university London; Sage. Reference to this book can just be deleted from this Word file – or the user can supplement the information therein by referring to their own additional resources – or to other on-line resources see for example


Activity: trial the ppt session with a group of students, then:

  • Invite the students to put various practices into operation and to feedback …
  • Invite the students to make a teaching/learning resource on one area covered to be used with another group of students.


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