Critical Reflection Forms

Activity time: 30 Minutes

Types of media: Handout/s, Word Document, Quiz


Community Work Unit (University of Manchester)


30 minutes


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About this resource

Templates to support students in developing strategies for critical reflection on a work-based learning programme at the University of Manchester.  These can all be adapted to suit your own purposes.

There are five forms availaible:

  1. Expectations from a module
    This form encourages students to identify their reasons for selecting a module, their starting points and their learning needs.
  2. Reflections on a module
    The form encourages students to identify, analyse and evaluate their learning from a specific module.
  3. Critical Reading Record
    The form encourages reflection on reading and the recording of information that might be useful in the future.
  4. Critical Reflection on a Session
    The session recording form encourages note-taking and reflection on these notes.
  5. Reflection on Learning Portfolio
    These guidelines for a Reflection on Learning Portfolio relate to the assessment requirements for a required introductory module on an “Effective Learning” programme.


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