ALDcon 24 conference themes

ALDcon24 is focused on the theme of the future of learning development and brings together inspiring speakers, interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions.

1. Building Learning Development for the future:

  • Incorporating and/or critiquing new technologies (e.g., ChatGTP and other AI).
  • Considering the position, whether strategic, policy-based, or physical (etc.) of Learning Development within institutions and/or in the wider HE sector.
  • How is Learning Development “serious” and/or “playful”?

2. Building inclusive Learning Development spaces:

  • Physical and/or virtual.
  • Embodied spaces.
  • Social.
  • Emotional.
  • Academic.
  • Mental (i.e., building the environments that let people learn and focus).

3. Building empowering student partnerships in Learning Development:

  • Students as change agents.
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