Welcome to ALDcon24

On behalf of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education, I’d like to welcome you to ALDcon24.

This year, we’re excited to run our first multi-institution conference with our three hosts in Glasgow: the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde, and Glasgow Caledonian University. 

Last year, we celebrated ALDcon’s 21st conference, and we now step into a new era for Learning Development, as reflected by this year’s themes:

Melanie Crisfield
  • Building Learning Development for the future
  • Building inclusive Learning Development spaces
  • Building empowering student partnerships in Learning Development

The ways in which students engage with technology in their learning has changed drastically in recent years, which requires and inspires Learning Developers to think constructively about the tools and the spaces we use in our teaching. It also encourages us to further bring our students into our conversations about teaching and learning, to help them understand how these technologies can support genuine learning. 

We look forward to exploring these themes with our ALDcon24 presenters and delegates, and we hope to see you in Glasgow in June.

Melanie CrisfieldConference Chair

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