Research Funding

Discover more about the people that make up our steering and working groups. If you are a practitioner in the Learning Development community and would like the opportunity to become actively involved in ALDinHE’s work through a variety of new and established Working Groups, please contact for more information.

Dr Carina Buckley

Carina Buckley

Steering Group Member
ALDinHE Treasurer
JLDHE Editorial Team Member

Carina joined the Steering Group in 2012 and was Co-Chair 2015 - 2021. She came into learning development almost by accident after gaining a PhD in Archaeology in 2006, and is currently Instructional Design Manager at Solent University, responsible for leading on the development of the VLE as a student-centred learning space. Her research interests focus on collaboration and community in LD, and how these impact and are impacted by our professional identities, particularly in terms of emotion and imposter syndrome. She is an Advance HE Principal Fellow and a Certified Leading Practitioner in Learning Development.

Maria Kukhareva

Maria Kukhareva

Steering Group Member
Co-chair of the Research Funding Group

Maria’s expertise spans learning development, education, widening participation, social science and business. She joined ALDinHE in 2015 and has co-chaired the Research and Development Working group since 2016.
Maria is an Advance HE Senior Fellow. Maria holds a Professional Doctorate in Social science, and has taught social science and pedagogy. Her contributions include research into human resilience and innovative interdisciplinary practice. Maria’s current role outside ALDinHE is Head of Organisational Development at the University of Bedfordshire.

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