LD@3 – Influencing and leading even when you aren’t in charge

Monday 16th May @ 3pm – 4pm

Although it might not always feel like it, we all have the capacity and the potential to influence others and bring about change. Too often ideas of ‘leadership’ can get muddled up with ‘management’, but if we switch focus from authority to relationships, from responsibility to advocacy, and from hierarchy to mentoring, then suddenly leadership becomes a lot more accessible, to everyone.

In this session, Carina and Kate share their experiences of leading and influencing and what’s worked for them, and invite you to reflect on how you might already influence others and what seems to work best for you. Finally, this is your chance to think about what you might like to achieve in the future, and how you might contribute to leading that change!

Presenters: Kate Coulson and Carina Buckley

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