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#Take5 #92  Exploring the Metaverse through Metaphor.

Published: 27/07/2023 - Reading Time: 12 min

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This #Take5 is brought to you from Professor Debbie Holley – Bournemouth University. We have all experienced the pandemic pivot – and now we are engaging with myriad interpretations of a post-digital world. This blog seeks to answer some of our niggling – and some of our deeper questions: what will our teaching and learning look like in the future? Will all the lecturers be in the university teaching students who are all at home? Just how ‘meta’ will our worlds be? With respect to the digital worlds we might inhabit: “The Metaverse is owned by Mark Zuckerman, the founder […]

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Not tracked does not equate to not engaged!

Published: 28/04/2023 - Reading Time: 2 min

Categories: Communities | Digital Literacy | Education | JLDHE | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Wellbeing | Widening Participation

Authors Professor Debbie Holley and Dr David Biggins provide an overview of their research published in issue 27 of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. Their paper is titled: Designing for student wellbeing: challenging assumptions about where our students learn. Our work started with students reporting ‘technostress’ during the pandemic (and yes staff experienced this as well) and reporting that they turned to family and friends to seek support, with only 18% turning to the excellent online materials and signposting Universities offered in lockdown. Digital equity remains an issue across the board, and intersectionality of class, race and […]

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#Take5 #85 What the Learning Developer Did Next

Published: 27/04/2023 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: Communities | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Study Skills | Take5

Reflecting on who we are: the evolution and growth of Manchester Met’s Learner Development team This #Take5 blog is brought to you by Avril Buchanan, Chad McDonald, and Kate Haley from the Learning Development team at Manchester Metropolitan University following their recent takeover of ALDinHE’s Twitter account.  The post can be seen as a follow up to last week’s #Take5 – which explored finding your feet as a new learning developer. This post constitutes a ‘what the learner developer did next’ – providing some musings on MMU’s LDU’s  evolution, how they currently work and why—and as they say: “recognising that […]

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Take5 #83 The LD Health Hive Mind presents Collaborative Reading Circles

Published: 31/03/2023 - Reading Time: 7 min

Categories: Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Digital Literacy | Take5 | Visual Literacy and Presentation Skills

This #Take5 has been brought to you from Tasha Cooper from UWE, Bristol and Anne-Marie Langford from the University of Northampton. In this post,  Anne-Marie describes the creation of a brand new ALDinHE community of practice (CoP) focused on Health and Social Care programmes. This CoP is particularly interesting in being online and asynchronous. In this post they focus particularly on the responses curated from a recent community activity that looked at Collaborative Reading Circles. LD Health CoP: Background The LD Health CoP started as a conversation at the ALDinHE conference in June 2022, where I, Anne-Marie, noticed that there were […]

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#Take5 #80 Learning Development 2030: A time for change?

Published: 26/01/2023 - Reading Time: 11 min

Categories: Events | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Research | Research Methodologies and Data Collection | Take5

This #Take 5 blog is brought to you by Ed Bickle, Steph Allen and Marian Mayer, the Learning Development (LD) team, Bournemouth University Faculty of Media and Communication, who, with the help of LD colleagues, reflect upon the workshop they delivered at the 2022 ALDinHE conference. Focusing on the concept of change, they examine how LD might look at the turn of the next decade. They begin their blog with a reflection on the excitement of being face to face with LD colleagues again. On the road It was with great excitement that the team travelled up to Northampton in June for the 2022 ALDinHE […]

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#Take5 #78 Enabling an equitable HE learning experience

Published: 18/11/2022 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: Widening Participation | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

This #Take5 is brought to you from …Karen Welton and Jennie Dettmer, facilitators of the ALDinHE N/I CoP (read on to find out more!). They are passionate about breaking down barriers to learning in higher education for neurodivergent students. If you are interested in making a difference and being part of this dialogue, they welcome you to join the crusade! Cerebrum Celebration! We are all different and our individuality is something to be celebrated! It is this individuality which makes the world so richly diverse, informing and altering our perceptions of anything and everything. Some differences are immediately apparent, but […]


#Take5 #77 Talking Heads: The Learning Development Project Podcast

Published: 19/10/2022 - Reading Time: 10 min

Categories: Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Events | Take5

And you may ask yourself, ‘Well, how did I get here?’ And you may ask yourself, ‘How do I work this?’ And you may ask yourself, ‘Am I right, am I wrong?’ And you may say to yourself, ‘My God, what have I done?’ Photo – screenshot of Alicja Syska and Carina Buckley recording the LDP podcast trailer for the 15th time. What The Learning Development Project podcast explores the scholarship of teaching and learning in the field of Learning Development, with the aim of unlocking practitioner knowledge and articulating what makes us a unique scholarly field.  As our podcast intro […]

The Learning Development Project

#Take5 #75 Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration

Published: 03/09/2022 - Reading Time: 11 min

Categories: Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

This #Take5 post is brought to you from the TALON and #Take5 teams – and is a reflection on the power of collaboration in Higher Education (HE). This is the team that discussed the Special Issue of the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice on Collaboration in HE in #Take5 #69 – and this post looks at the online International Symposium that followed. This is an example of an international faculty-student collective that worked to bring together diverse collaborative voices to showcase their collective and partnership practice. (And on a collaborative note, Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield are part of #creativeHE that has just received a Collaborative […]

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#Take5 #74 Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs): It’s massive, it’s open, it’s learning! 

Published: 04/08/2022 - Reading Time: 12 min

Categories: Assessment Feedback and Course Design | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Peer Assisted Learning and Mentoring | Take5 | Technology Enhanced Learning | Widening Participation

Bringing development opportunities to the masses  This #Take5 post is brought to you from Dr Lee Fallin a regular tweeter and learning developer based at the University of Hull. Lee loves all things digital, and uses this #Take5 post to reflect on his journey from MOOC consumer to MOOC producer. I first learned about Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) at the 2013 ALDinHE Conference hosted at the University of Plymouth. This was *just* as MOOCs were emerging as a popular means of accessing learning online. MOOCs are designed to support unlimited participation and open access by delivering learning through online […]


#Take5 #73 Teaching research skills – my epic adventure…

Published: 01/07/2022 - Reading Time: 5 min

Categories: Playful and Creative Learning | Academic Literacy | Digital Literacy | Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Research Methodologies and Data Collection | Study Skills | Take5 | Technology Enhanced Learning

This month’s #Take5 is brought to you from Daisy Abbott an interdisciplinary researcher and research developer based in the School of Simulation and Visualisation at The Glasgow School of Art. Daisy experiments with game-based learning – and has created a novel approach to teaching research skills. Research: Mapping and Pathfinding My name is Daisy Abbott, I’m a researcher in game-based learning and teacher of postgraduates at the School of Simulation and Visualisation at The Glasgow School of Art. Join me on my quest to navigate the dangerous lands of teaching Research Skills… Keywords: Research skills, academic skills, higher order thinking skills, […]

Daisy Abbott
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