#Take5 #106 – The importance for Learning Developers to understand and engage with identity to develop their professional footing.

Published: 13/06/2024 - Reading Time: 14 min

Categories: Take5 | CPD

By Joy Igiebor This #Take5 is brought to you from Joy Igiebor. You might remember Joy’s previous #Take5 #84 ‘What the Learning Developer needs to know’ which focused on pragmatic tips for conducting workshops and tutorials for those new to or at an early stage of their role as a learning developer (LD). In this blog post Joy reflects on the nature of identity and relates to wider questions of identity within the field of Learning Development.  Joy suggests that understanding and engaging with some of these wider concerns is critical for those newer to the field of Learning Development […]

Joy Igiebor

#Take5 #105 – Unveiling “Generative AI: a problematic illustration of the intersections of racialized gender, race and ethnicity”

Published: 30/05/2024 - Reading Time: 4 min

Categories: Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Take5

This blog is brought to you from Nayiri Keshishi (Senior Lecturer in Learning Development, University of Surrey) and Dustin Hosseini (Learning Innovation Officer at University of Glasgow and doctoral student in Education at University of Strathclyde). Hello readers! Over the past six months, my colleague Dustin Hosseini and I have embarked on a thought-provoking journey, delving into the intricate connections between generative AI and the complex tapestry of gender, race, and ethnicity. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest project: a comprehensive teaching resource aimed at fostering critical thinking and analysis concerning the underlying dynamics of generative AI. Our resource, […]


#Take5 #104 What have conferences ever done for us?

Published: 16/05/2024 - Reading Time: 13 min

Categories: Take5 | Reflection | Research

By Simone Maier In the run up to the wonderful #ALDcon24, we thought we’d share one of our colleague’s reflections on a truly empowering conference experience. Simone went to the Glasgow School of Art Teachers Conference as a learning developer, as an art teacher on an Art Foundation Programme, and as a Masters student exploring Art and the Pedagogy of Art. Here Simone reflects on that Conference and on the power of Practice Based Research as a way of surfacing our deep values and predispositions – those that cannot at first be articulated through language – where even attempting to […]

Front cover of ‘on not knowing: How Artists Teach’ conference programme

#Take5 #103 Supporting compassion in students: reflections on using a charity as a case study assessment

Published: 02/05/2024 - Reading Time: 10 min

Categories: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion | Inclusivity and Differentiation | Take5

This #Take5 is brought to you from Nilay Balkan, a lecturer in Marketing at the University of Glasgow. Nilay shares her powerful insights derived from using Charity Case Studies with Business students. This is a powerful and moving piece in itself – and it also reveals the benefit of keeping a reflective diary when we work – to see what emerges from our practice. Compassion front and centre I’ve noticed there are certain attributes and skills that we are particularly interested in within business schools; communication, collaboration, creativity, for example. While undoubtedly important, these are rather project focused in that […]

Two student volunteers in a charity.

#Take5 #102  Developing and creating a professional development framework for Learning Developers

Published: 18/04/2024 - Reading Time: 4 min

Categories: CPD | Take5

By Dr Matt Crofts and Kate Coulson This #Take5 is brought to you from Dr Matt Crofts and Kate Coulson. As Learning Developers with a passion for learning and teaching, they are leading a CPD project for ALDinHE to ensure that members have access to high quality CPD resources, events and opportunities to develop the community’s expertise. Develop that! ALDinHE currently offers a professional recognition framework for Learning Developers to achieve either CeP (Certified Practitioner in Learning Development) or CeLP (Certified Leading Practitioner in Learning Development) status. However, ALDinHE does not currently offer formal opportunities for continuing professional development especially for […]


#Take5 #100 Celebrating the work of Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns

Published: 29/02/2024 - Reading Time: 27 min

Categories: Take5

Welcome to the 100th issue of our #Take5 blog. This Take 5 is a special one to recognise and thank, two of the most pioneering and enthusiastic leaders in Learning Development. Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns are two extraordinary, charismatic and inspirational figures in the changing world for learning development and the people behind the success of this #Take5 blog. Tom and Sandra have a tremendous ability to draw on personal experience to tell stories that, engage and inspire both their students and colleagues. Back in the early 2000s, Sandra and Tom recognised the importance of learning development and inspired […]

Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns

#Take5 #99 Welcome to the Amazing World of Reflection and Reflective Practice: What is it and how should we be Supporting Students? 

Published: 25/01/2024 - Reading Time: 9 min

Categories: Take5 | Communities | Reflection

This Take5 is brought to you from Nikki Clarke at Birmingham City University. Nikki is passionate about developing authentic and powerful reflective practices with our students. She has an EdD on the topic – she practises it – she has written books on the subject. Nikki is now sharing her ideas here with us in the hopes of recruiting as many readers as possible to join her new ALDinHE reflective practice Community of Practice (CoP). Please have a read – and let Nikki know if you are interested. Who am I? I am Dr Nicola Clarke. By the way I […]

Nicola Clarke

#Take5 #98 Sharing the Third Space Symposium – through blackout poetry

Published: 14/12/2023 - Reading Time: 8 min

Categories: Take5 | Academic Literacy

Hanging Off the Edge Tom Burns, London Metropolitan UniversitySandra Sinfield, London Metropolitan UniversitySandra Abegglen, University of CalgaryContact: t.burns@londonmet.ac.uk  Image: The Poets: Tom, Sandra S and Sandra A (drawn by Jacqui Bartram, #ALDcon23) It’s third space and blackout poetry: Happy Christmas! In this #Take5 blog post, we are delighted to showcase a Blackout Poem crafted by Tom Burns, with the collaborative support of Sandra Sinfield and Sandra Abegglen, based on a Helen Webster blogpost on conceptualising Learning Development. Our ‘poem’ creation was featured at the Higher Education Third Space Online Symposium on November 8, 2023, organised by the Higher Education Third […]

blackout poetry

#Take5 #97 Jisc: Driving digital change in higher education

Published: 30/11/2023 - Reading Time: 6 min

Categories: Take5 | Digital Literacy

This #Take5 is brought to you from Sarah Knight at Jisc. We asked Sarah to write to us Learning Developers about the recent developments – and especially the current emphasis on digital transformation and how Jisc is working with universities to support them with the development of their digital strategies. Jisc is the UK digital, data and technology agency focused on tertiary education, research and innovation. Jisc is  a not-for-profit organisation and provides managed and brokered products and services, enhanced with expertise and intelligence to provide sector leadership and enable digital transformation. Jisc runs the Janet network, the UK’s national […]

Digital transformation impact infographic: a diagram illustrating how digital transformation impacts on an organisation.

#Take5 #96 Fellowship Dialogues: a space for networking, dialogues and getting advice

Published: 26/10/2023 - Reading Time: 13 min

Categories: Communities | Take5

This #Take5 is brought to you from Dustin Hosseini who works at The University of Glasgow as an Learning Innovation Officer in the Learning Innovation Support Unit where he teaches academics how to create online courses such as MOOCs and microcredentials. He also is one of the co-leads of the University of Glasgow Decolonising the Curriculum Community of Practice. In this post, Dustin shares the impetus for setting up a cross-institutional, transnational community of practice, called Fellowship Dialogues, for those interested in pursuing an AdvanceHE fellowship accreditation – especially if based in a PSD (professional services department). This piece is […]

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