#Take5 #3: World building

Published: 17/11/2014 - Reading Time: 4 min

Categories: Playful and Creative Learning | Take5

The apocalypse is over – we struggle out of our bunkers into the forlorn landscape. All is dust, rubble, destruction – and we have been tasked with world building: What world would you build? How do you ensure everybody is housed, in good health and well fed? How will your world run? How will you educate people? What laws might be needed? What are we talking about? Simulations and role plays Learning is intellectual and cognitive – learning is also embodied and emotional. Arguably, successful learning is active whole body learning. To facilitate whole body learning, we have devised a […]

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Take5: It’s week two, I’m on my knees – but here’s a post on Inquiry Based Learning!

Published: 17/11/2014 - Reading Time: 4 min

Categories: Assessment Feedback and Course Design | Study Skills | Take5

Last week we met our new students – typically faced with lecture theatres full of unknown faces – exuding anxiety – or hiding their stress behind faces of studied nonchalance – or boredom – or both! Adrenalin and cortisol levels were flying high – everybody’s brains shrank to the size of a pea and panic ensues as we realise that we have forgotten everything – remembered nothing – impostors all. So – the Take5 question for us was, could we find a different way to introduce a module that did not involve us telling and the students forgetting everything we […]

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Week Zero – And so it begins!!

Published: 17/11/2014 - Reading Time: 4 min

Categories: Learning Spaces and Learning Communities | Take5

Welcome to Take5! So – it’s Week Zero (W0): another day another dollar; another Semester and another Year.  Change is all around and we can’t help noticing doing Inductions and Preparation for Study courses how things move on. Buildings, rooms, modules, staff and of course students – all moving – all changing – and all diverse. ‘Diverse’ could be a prefix for London Met – and no matter what sort of student you have taught before – it’s all changing again. Everybody is already exhausted and wondering where the summer went … and here we are – the Take5 project – […]

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