AI Assistance or AI Replacement? An Academic Integrity Conversation

We are really happy to announce that Dr Thomas Lancaster, by popular demand, will be joining us for another informative webinar on the topic of:

“AI Assistance or AI Replacement? An Academic Integrity Conversation”

In the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, the emergence of generative AI technologies has brought both excitement and challenges to the forefront.

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Join Us for an engaging presentation with the ever-popular Dr Thomas Lancaster.

🌐 AI Assistance or AI Replacement? An Academic Integrity Conversation

🗓️ 28 November 2023

⏰ 3 – 4 pm GMT (UK)

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Event overview

The sudden availability of generative AI technologies that can be used to replace students in the assessment process has been a shock to the higher education sector. Many university staff haven’t had the opportunity to get familiar with generative AI, to see the ways in which this can be used during the assessment process, or to consider how this can be used with academic integrity as a form of assistance rather than replacement.

In this interactive webinar, Dr Thomas Lancaster will go back to basics, demonstrating some of the generative AI technologies available including ChatGPT. Thomas will show how assessment types beyond the basic essay can be susceptible to generative AI and he will discuss strengths and weaknesses of these tools. Thomas will also take questions. The intention is to help educational staff to consider how they will teach and assess in the future.

🔍 Thomas will:

– Provide a comprehensive overview of generative AI technologies, with a focus on tools such as ChatGPT.

– Explore how these technologies can either assist or potentially replace traditional assessment methods.

– Discuss the implications for academic integrity and the evolving role of educators in this landscape.

– Open the floor for an interactive Q&A session.

This webinar is designed to be engaging, informative, and thought-provoking, offering a valuable opportunity for educators and staff to gain insights into the future of teaching and assessment.

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