International acclaim for the National Teaching Repository

By David Wooff, Director of Apprenticeship Quality and Regulation, and Associate Professor of Educational Practice and Professor Dawne Irving-Bell, BPP University

Described by the judges as a ‘truly exemplary initiative,’ we are delighted to announce that the National Teaching Repository has secured Open Education Global’s (OEGlobal) International Award for Excellence in Open Collaboration.

Awarded by Open Education Global this accolade recognizes the National Teaching Repository’s outstanding contribution to the promotion of Open Collaboration.” 

Building on last year’s invitation from the Secretariat to present a report at the prestigious UNESCO World Higher Education conference (Wooff et al., 2022), we are delighted that the repository has secured further international recognition.

The OEGlobal Award recognises The National Teaching Repository work to encourage the interchange of ideas, creating new opportunities for people to form ties with others, create things together, and expand a diversity of goals, backgrounds, and cultures.

With more than 300 items, work contained within the National Teaching Repository has amassed in excess of 400,000+ views and downloads and is being used by colleagues working in education around the world.  

Data shows that visitors accessing the repository and its resources, come from 149 countries and territories around the globe. These include 29% of the Countries listed as the “Least Developed” by the United Nations (November 2021), and 62% of the 193 Countries listed as Member States of the United Nations.  

OE awards for excellence

Learn more about the OE Global Award.

Explore the National Teaching Repository and if you would like to know more about the National Teaching Repository and how you can use it to share your scholarship and develop your academic profile please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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report cover for the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference - Report into the National Teaching Repository

Wooff, D., & Irving-Bell, D. (2022). UNESCO World Higher Education Conference – Report into the National Teaching Repository (Version 3). National Teaching Repository. 

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