Collective Diary 15 August 2023

On the 15th of each month, we are inviting those working in the field of learning development to share their day. Write up what you have done on the 15th of the month (or your nearest working day to this date) (plus reflections) and share it with us via this short submission form. The entries will be shared here on the ALDinHE blog.

In 2010-11 and 2014-15, the ALDinHE website was previously used for a collective online journal by members of the LD community. The collective journal re-launched on the 15 May 2023. You can read the journal entries for each month. The shared experiences and ideas have helped shape CPD resources developed for new and experienced staff, and to identify other areas for future work.

A reminder will go out on the LDHEN list on the 15th of each month. Share your day by completing the short submission form for it to be added to the ALDinHE blog.


Jacqui Bartram – University of Hull

Every Tuesday morning starts with a quick team meeting to update on activities. I don’t work Mondays so this is my introduction to the week and gets me up to speed which is great. This week we had our new intern attending – they are helping us start a project to revamp our institutional referencing styles but we are giving them opportunities to get involved with other team activities too.

I then had 3 student appointments – but the first two cancelled 10 minutes before their appointments were due to start. Not too much help as far as freeing up the time for other students, but at least it meant I wasn’t sat there waiting for them – so I answered some emails and then got on with my drawings for the JLDHE conference proceedings. My ‘third’ appointment was a student I saw when they were back doing their pre-nursing certificate. Her writing had been very poor then and now she is in her second year of the degree and whilst there are still some issues, she has improved massively which was lovely to see.

I popped off for lunch with my Mum (83 and still super-active) and came back to deliver a webinar on ‘Structuring and designing effective academic presentations’ which was mostly attended by taught masters students.

I then had two more meetings – one a team meeting to look at any timetabling clashes for trimester 1 (as changes need to be requested by the end of the week) and the other with a colleague with whom I’m writing a book proposal – to discuss things before a meeting the following day with the representative from Bloomsbury. Busy day all in all.

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