#Take5 #100 Celebrating the work of Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns

Welcome to the 100th issue of our #Take5 blog. This Take 5 is a special one to recognise and thank, two of the most pioneering and enthusiastic leaders in Learning Development. Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns are two extraordinary, charismatic and inspirational figures in the changing world for learning development and the people behind the success of this #Take5 blog. Tom and Sandra have a tremendous ability to draw on personal experience to tell stories that, engage and inspire both their students and colleagues. Back in the early 2000s, Sandra and Tom recognised the importance of learning development and inspired others to do the same. They are advocates for all that LD stands for. This Take 5 is a celebration of Sandra’s and Tom’s work. Members of the ALDinHE LD community share their stories of how Sandra and Tom have had an impact on their work. Sandra and Tom also share some history about this #Take5 blog.

Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield presenting at London Metropolitan University
Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield presenting at their book launch of Collaboration in Higher Education

What has #Take5 meant to you?

 #Take5 was designed to be a very user-friendly way of sharing – and learning about – great practice. Tom and Sandra wanted and still want it to stand beside you as you reflect on and develop what you do in the classroom – and to help you shout about what you have done so that more of us learn about it. As Tom says:

Screenshot 2024 02 29 112642

“We want to help you show off how great you are – as you embrace your place in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).”

– Tom Burns, Associate Teaching Professor, London Metropolitan University

The hope was and is that the blog itself has a mentoring role: through the gentle and positive sharing of good practices – and by the way that the blog editors, Sandra, Tom and Katharine, help those new to blogging through their first blogging process…

Illustration of a cup of tea with the tea bag represented as a clock showing 5 minutes.
Illustration of a cup of tea with the tea bag represented as a clock showing 5 minutes.

So – this 100th post – and an invitation: we are asking you to Log-in to the ALDinHE site and leave a Comment. We are reaching out to all of you who have written a #Take5 – and all of you who have read one – asking for your thoughts – reactions – and responses. What has #Take5 meant to you?

We are also asking you to Comment. Just Comment more often. When you read someone’s blog post, leave a Comment and with kindness. When someone has taken the brave step of writing their #Take5 – there is nothing nicer than getting some kind and appreciative feedback. So after this celebratory 100th #Take5, we’re hoping for more comments and more voices – the #Take5 blog voiced by all of us.

A little bit of history by Sandra and Tom

#Take5 No 1. began on the 17th November 2014. It was initially launched as a user-friendly CPD blog for staff at London Metropolitan University – and lived alongside a cache of staff-facing resources designed to promote creative, learning development inspired practices.

Our active engagement with ALDinHE made us want to extend its reach to all Learning Developers everywhere – and to all interested and active in the development of student authentic and liberatory learning. So it also became the blog of the ALDinHE Professional Development Working Group – and is now under the aegis of the Mentoring Working Group.

Sandra and Tom produced the first #Take5 in 2014. Katharine has written some amazing posts, not least the beautiful one on impact and together Sandra and Tom and Sandra Abegglen recently wrote about sharing the third space through blackout poetry. #Take5 writers are always welcome back to blog again.

An illustration of Tom Burns, Sandra Sinfield and Sandra Abegglen, by Jacqui Bartram.
An illustration of Tom Burns, Sandra Sinfield and Sandra Abegglen, by Jacqui Bartram.

And we are searchable

Since the blogs started Katharine Jewitt, as ALDinHE Administrator, gathered them together as  a searchable cache of resources – and she is now a Co-Editor putting the final polish on all our posts.

Having impact – and taking your own leap into the light

Thank you to everybody who has written a blog post for #Take5 – and thank you to everybody who has read #Take5. We hope that reading the posts has touched you, influenced your practice and made you see or do things differently. We hope that writing the posts – or a post – has made a difference to you in some way – building your confidence – helping you connect with like minded people – giving you ammunition for a CeLP and SFHEA application – and more self-efficacy at work.

And … leap: If you have a #Take5 in you just waiting to burst out – get in touch and we will help you!

Sandra, Tom & Katharine

Celebrating Sandra and Tom by the LD Community

Tom Burns holding the book Collaboration in Higher Education by Sandra Abegglen (Anthology Editor) , Tom Burns (Anthology Editor) , Sandra Sinfield (Anthology Editor)
Tom Burns holding the book Collaboration in Higher Education by Anthology Editors, Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield.
Sandra Sinfield at London Metropolitan University talking to a skeleton.
Sandra Sinfield at London Metropolitan University talking to a skeleton.

Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield have supported me ever since I have entered academia, introducing me to creative and playful practice, and the values of learning development. Over the years, they have grown to be not only my colleagues, co-researchers and -writers but friends. With their love for education, they have influenced many educational practitioners’ ‘doing’ and ‘thinking.’ Their enthusiasm for empowering teaching and learning is palpable in everything they do. I am deeply grateful to have crossed paths with these two exceptional individuals and that we continue to walk together. They are making the mad house that is Higher Education a lot more human and humane. I am wishing them all the best for what is yet to come. As Tom would say: “Hello Wonderful and Lovely People. Do take time to Celebrate your Success 🎓🏅🎖🥇🎗🏆🎢🎡🚀. ”

Sandra Abegglen


Kia ora and congratulations! The impact of your work is reaching around the globe as far as Aotearoa New Zealand. Thank you for sharing your insights with us all. Cheers!

– Dawn Marsh, WITT, Te Pūkenga, New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Steph Allen

“Sandra and Tom have been inspirational as blog drivers and supporters to those who wish to or have contributed in the past. Their open communication style is both welcoming and encouraging and their sense of humour manages to bring out the best when things have the potential to look gloomy. Looking forward to more from Tom and Sandra and go down in my memory as ‘solid favourites’. Thank you both and keep it up!”

– Steph Allen

Katharine Jewitt

“Sandra and Tom are two of the most loveliest people, I’ve ever had the privilege to know. They are exceptional, inspirational and dedicated leaders in LD, making a huge contribution to LD through some very challenging periods. Always a supportive, authoritative voice in LD, Sandra and Tom are highly regarded with a distinguished and varied career that matches their personalities, committed to students. Sandra and Tom have won the admiration of colleagues throughout LD and further a field for their creative, far-sighted, strategic thinking and commitment to LD and to the success of both students and colleagues. They live their strong philosophy and work ethic that centres around being in contact with, and engaging and supporting, students and staff. They are a mentor to many colleagues (and often without realising, just by their peers observing and following their example). They are two people known for their kindness, wit and willingness to listen; always cheering everyone on and championing equality, diversity and inclusivity in all they do. Many of LD’s successes have Tom and Sandra behind them, in the formation of ALDinHE, the launch of the first conference, in research and publishing their many editions of the Essential Study Skills book. You cannot wish to meet two more generous, caring, energic people, very much part of the LD community and with a great sense of humour to boot. Thank you so much Sandra and Tom for always being our cheerleaders and giving all of us the inspiration and motivation to always do better.”

– Katharine Jewitt

Jennie Dettmer

“Without Sandra’s support, the Neurodiversity/Inclusivity Community of Practice would not be in existence today. Her leadership has guided us when we’ve faced difficult decisions and she is always available for support. She is one of the most approachable and knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of meeting in the ALDinHE community. Thank you Sandra for everything you do for the community.”

– Jennie Dettmer

Lee Fallin

“I have been forever impressed by Tom and Sandra’s unwavering commitment to scholarship and publication in support of student learning. Both Tom and Sandra are incredibly generous and supportive with their time, and active participants in multiple online communities. I’ve particularly enjoyed witnessing their outspokenness, bringing their own brand of honesty to any interaction or communication. Whether contributing independently or collectively, Tom and Sandra never fail to make me smile. I have particularly fond memories of the recent ALDinHE conference’s online day and Tom’s characteristic critiques of the neoliberal higher education agenda. He always speaks with passion, and it makes him stand out.”

– Lee Fallin

Amanda Pocklington

“I first met Sandra and Tom through ALDinHE’s steering group around 2012. Their inspirational and contagiously enthusiastic approach to learning development oozed out of them and infected all who came into contact with them. One humorous lasting memory was discussing accommodation for the Resi & whether camping might be an option! Needless to say, most of the group were less than enthusiastic about such a potentially soggy prospect whilst Sandra embraced this idea with relish! The Take5 Blog is just one example of their amazingly creative imagination and I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have written something for it! Sandra & Tom – thank you so much for all your amazingly inspirational ideas and your tirelessly good humoured support.”

– Amanda Pocklington


It’s been my pleasure to have worked with Sandra and Tom for many years. Their inspirational teaching, online impact, and creative ideas have inspired countless students and staff and encouraged many others including myself. The biggest impact and memory of all, however, is walking into their office on numeral occasions and still surprised to meet head on a full-size cardboard cut-out of a cow! And various other memorabilia from conferences and workshops 🐄

– Chris O’Reilly

Paul Chin

Sandra and Tom are an amazingly inspiring couple who act as real sector champions for all colleagues. When working with Sandra and Tom they are infectious in their enthusiasm to celebrate your own work and have encouraged me to reflect on, and publish my work. If it wasn’t for them, I would not have had the motivation or encouragement to do many of the things I’ve done.

– Paul Chin

thank you

I first heard of Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield when I bought their Essential Study Skills The Complete Guide to Success at University as an A-Level student in a local bookshop before starting at University. An informative read! In April 2005, I won the logo competition for the LearnHigher CETL Project and designed the structure of the original website with a group of web developers from the other CETL insitutions (which now sits under ALDinHE). I met them Tom and Sandra briefly at London Metropolitan University’s Learning and Teaching conference in June 2009. Fast forward to April 2023, 3 days before my 40th birthday and I was offered a role as Head of Educational Development and Digital Education at London Metropolitan, taking over from Professor Digby Warren, and Tom and Sandra are my direct reports. Thanks Tom and Sandra for your hard work in the sector, inspiring countless academic skills tutors, learning and development professional in the UK and beyond!

– Santanu Vasant

Ian Johnson

“Sandra and Tom have been inspirational in helping me and many others to work together to form the Research CoP within ALDinHE, and then write together to achieve publication. I feel this reflects the work they do for so many people in the background to build their confidence and encourage collaborations. They are always happy to chat and give wise advice if you need them. They have been so instrumental in the directions that LD work took from the beginnings of Learn Higher and then ALDinHE. Anyone who is serious about understanding the question ‘What is Learning Development?’ needs to listen to their ALDinHE podcast episode to find out – they learned, ‘got’ and shaped LD from the ground up and everyone should take time to hear about it!”

– Ian Johnson

1a 1

I have known and collaborated with Sandra and Tom for about 20 years now and they have stood out as two of the most important people for me throughout my explorations as a learner developer and Spanish Lecturer. My abiding impression is of two people who are absolutely committed to making studying, (in fact, life itself) better for anyone who works with them – students or staff – and I’ve benefitted enormously from their supportive, creative and wonderful ‘can-do’ approach over the years. Even if I haven’t had much contact with them, I always know I can get back in contact (in fact, I did so recently) and they will welcome and support you. And that is a true gift of a colleague.

–Lisa Clughen

Kevin Brazant

“There are far too many instances and moments to choose from! However, Your unwavering commitment to playful and creative pedagogies is refreshing and inspiring. Whether it has been introducing me to free writing exercises to negotiate writer’s block or rushing around my home during COVID-19 to find objects to take photos of. You have helped me to reimagine the possibilities of Higher Education, and reconnect with my inner child! You have been my supervisors, teachers, and co-authors, but the one that stands out most to me has been “friends.” I have loved every moment of the Learning Development journey with you both. Happy 100th #Take5 you nice people!”

– Kevin Brazant

Simone Maier

“A light flickered on, in an unlikely place: a room made of glass, on a mezzanine, overlooking a library. Switched on for me during ‘Facilitating Student Learning’ by a woman with flowing hair and bare feet, which I took as an expression of her holistic connection to the space we inter-acted with. She worked alongside a man who used his body in a manner common to thespians. He took time to think, gestured and circulated, as he invited us to share our knowledge, ideas and experiences. They knew the direction but left it up to us, their students, to decide the vessel that would carry us there. There were guidelines: we should help and challenge each other, peer reviewing, to ensure we built something sturdy that we could confidently return to when the storms of neoliberal policy approached. Against my expectations, they would not tell us how to build but offered useful resources and demanded that I honestly detail my journey via blogging. I said silly things, found irrelevant connections and made ignorant claims. They never scorned but listened, before illuminating useful paths, allowing me to uncover a pedagogy that would suit my school, students, and politics. Lit bright was the possibility that art education did not have to be how I had come to accept it. In the too-hot glass room, I delighted in our debates and embodied activities. I found myself enthusiastically examining the history, culture, activities, and tacit expectations of fine art learning and teaching. Together, my PGCert cohort created a space for plurality and bonds. Via Tom and Sandra’s insistence that I write and their positive affirmation of my attempts as a valid contribution, I became part of a community that sustains me through neoliberal clouds. Their torches continue to illuminate and navigate to beacons of inspiring and ethical educational practice.”

– Simone Maier

Professor Debbie Holley

“Celebrating students, and what they bring; empowering students; thinking about lifelong learning; communities of practice across the university, bringing together learning developers, academics, librarians, technicians and working to co-create space for students to explore…” this quote is part of the Afterward I was invited to contribute to a recent Sinfield and Burns publication. For me it summarises everything they stand for – emancipatory practice, student voice, and always seeking the views of the community to innovate and share best practice. Their awesome #Take 5 blog has inspired a generation of new educators and practitioners, and revitalised the practice of the more time-served. Their work brings passion, compassion and community from a fresh lens, challenges our thinking and reinforces our practice. I am proud to have been part of this amazing journey with them, as a teacher, an educator, a researcher and most of all, a friend.”

– Debbie Holley

Michelle Reid

“A lasting memory I have of Sandra and Tom is from my early days when I was just starting in my role as a Learning Developer at the University of Reading. I had been working on the area of time management for the LearnHigher CETL and Sandra invited me to London Metropolitan University to showcase this work at their Celebration of Learning event. Sandra and Tom were so enthusiastic about me running a time management workshop for students and so encouraging that it really gave me confidence at the start of my career. I appreciated how these ‘big beasts’ of Learning Development were supporting me and others in the community and lifting us up. When I arrived at London Met, I was welcomed by Sandra, and her energy was infectious. Despite being embattled by funding cuts and other challenges, Sandra and Tom had created a really joyous and welcoming environment for students through their ongoing work. I could see their influence all around in the ways the students were engaging with the event and how they were real advocates for Learning Development. Also I remember a really incredible street dance group who opened the day, instead of the usual stilted speeches from po-faced senior managers. My workshop was so much fun to facilitate because the students were sparking ideas and were challenging and questioning in a supportive way. I could see how Tom and Sandra had helped the students develop their confidence to be creative and have fun with learning. It was probably the most enjoyable workshop on time management that I had taught, and being invited as an expert to showcase my LearnHigher work gave me a boost in the beginning stages of my career. In my naive days as a new Learning Developer, I had assumed that there was a separation between the ‘worthy’ work of widening participation and social justice, and the ‘creative’ work of fun and imaginative teaching. However, Sandra and Tom showed me that these are inseparable, and the most transformative pedagogy occurs because it is creative and playful. Tom and Sandra really embody this philosophy, and the hope and energy they give the Learning Development community is unwavering. Thank you.”

– Michelle Reid

1a 2

Hi Sandra! We met on the LearnHigher CETL, though of course I’d seen your name/s on book spines. I was quite a baby learning developer but, perhaps because I could still see with an outsider’s eye, it seemed to me that the CETL was losing its way and getting bogged down in trying to be all things to all people – so I spoke up, despite my junior status. Afterwards I was outside in the lunch break, thinking ‘now everyone hates me’, when you came up and said ‘I like the cut of your gib, young Kim!’ (Note that we are about the same age…) That gave me the confidence to keep speaking up – though some people might think I could do with a bit of the opposite now! The impact you’ve had on learning development as a professional field is incalculable, and you’ve done it through all the work hassles you can imagine. I’m very grateful that you’re in my world, professionally and personally. x

– Kim Shahabudin

Steve Rooney

“For much of the time I have been a learning developer, Sandra and Tom have been, in the best sense of the word, ‘present’ – persistently, creatively, supportively and, perhaps most preciously of all, anarchically present! I still remember well my first encounter with them at an ALDinHE conference session in Bournemouth, some years ago. ‘Who are these guys?!’ I thought, excitedly. Our community really would be a much impoverished place without their unique blend of critical, intellectual rigour and the sheer, palpable delight they bring to all they do, as well as the no less conspicuous delight they take in appreciating, amplifying and nurturing the work of others. Make no mistake, though, this is no symptom of naïve optimism; no product of evading the stark, stifling realities of contemporary, neoliberal HE. As so much of their work ably demonstrates, it’s a delight that is hard-won; a joyful practice of resistance and defiance in the face of all that would deaden and mechanise and instrumentalise educational practice. Whatever we mean by a phrase like ‘the LD ethos’, it’s only really encountered in the lives and practices of those who embody it. It’s in these lives – these ways of being, of relating to the world and others – that the radical kindness and generosity that characterises LD at its best is truly realised. And very few realise it as fully and as vividly (not to mention as mischievously and playfully!) as Sandra and Tom. There will be much said, and rightly so, about just what a source of practical and intellectual wisdom, provocation and inspiration Sandra and Tom have been and continue to be, but if I may, I’d like to conclude with a more personal reflection. A few years ago, during what was, for a variety of reasons, a very difficult time personally (made more so by the conditions of lockdown) Sandra reached out to me with an invitation to an online get together with her and Tom. What followed was simply one of the most joyful, loving and restorative encounters I’ve ever experienced – in any medium! I thanked them at the time – feebly, and in a way that I know failed to do justice to how much their company and concern at that time had meant, and what a huge difference just spending that time with them had made. I hope these words go some way towards making up for that.”

– Steve Rooney


I first came across Sandra and Tom’s work via their study skills book which I use as my first port of call at any time I am stuck for inspiration for workshop content. But what stands out to me was the personal kindness Sandra showed in replying to a query I had posted on ALDinHE. She took time to craft a careful and encouraging response to someone who was at that time new in post and it was very gratefully received.

– Siobhan Hawke

Ursula Canton

“The blog was one of the earliest points of contact with the wider LD world for me. Seeing the scope of intersting work presented definitely helped convince me I wanted to become part of it, even before I figured out that doing so would give me the chance to work more closely with the very friendly people who brought me my regular reading about the big wide world of LD beyond the institution where I worked. I know I have resisted citing all kinds of excuses, but I think I do owe you a blog post!”

– Ursula Canton

Karen Welton

“Such warm and caring human beings with great passion, knowledge, and dedication to LD and beyond . You are an inspiration to so many. Keep up the fantastic work you do Sandra and Tom…and never stop smiling :-)”

– Karen Welton

1a 4

Tom and Sandra are my ‘pedagogical parents’. They selflessly provided me with a foundation to build my pedagogy on. I regularly seek their advice when I hit a bump in the road or to discuss new directions. Their ethics and values run through the work to the extent that it is contagious. No matter what my job role states, I am learning developer, this I owe to Sandra and Tom.

-Ryan Arthur

Kate Coulson

“Creativity and Inclusivity. Those are the words I think of when I think of Sandra and Tom (I also think about caravans and swimming but that’s another story!) Sandra and Tom always look at a project, challenge or discussion through a creative lens, their responses are always measured, passionate and make me think. But the main thread of their work is inclusivity – they are always the people having the metaphorical party where EVERYONE is invited. The more the merrier as far as they are concerned. This thinking has impacted my approach in my day job but also in how I lead projects and initiatives within ALDinHE. I often ask myself “What would Tom and Sandra do?” Their endless enthusiasm and passion take us along with them and for that, I can only thank you.”

– Kate Coulson

1a 5

I can’t say how much of an inspiration Sandra has been since I started in LD 10 years ago. Her effervescent personality and can-do attitude under frequent trying circumstances continues to motivate and inspire me. Sandra always has time for others, and has provided invaluable advice based on her bottomless expertise and experience. On top of all that, she’s just lovely. Long may she reign as Queen of the LDers!

– Louise Livesey

Jacqui Bartram

“I will never forget the first time I came across Sandra and Tom ‘in the flesh’ – both with their hair dyed bright red!! – not sure which conference it was ( I can forget that, but not S&T). Once met, never forgotten. Their impact on me, as a professional has been as an inspirational force. They have managed to develop a creative approach to their work that I can only dream of – but where I can, I try to harness just a little of their creative energy into my own activities. The impact that Sandra has had on the LD community cannot be underestimated. Creating the LDHEN mailing list, the Take 5 blog and being part of the formation of ALDinHE itself, has enabled us all to feel like we belong to a profession that I have always found to be incredibly supportive, encouraging and nurturing. You’re amazing. Thank you.”

– Jacqui Bartram

1a 6

I recently listened to Sandra and Tom speak on the LD Project podcast (previously I had only read their work in print or online). Imagine my delight in hearing their proper accents – unbridled joy at hearing a real person talk in a real regional accent….I loved it! My institution is doing a lot of work with reading and I’ve been using a quote from that podcast throughout many a session: “Reading is a conversation, so it works better if you join in aswell”. Simple, yet effective – thank you Tom and Sandra 🙂

– Tasha Cooper

Arina Cirstea

“Dear Sandra and Tom, it is always a treat hearing from you on the Research CoP meetings. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful ideas and extensive experience of practice. Based on what I’ve learned about you, I am sure you have lots of exciting adventures planned ahead- and wish you lots of joy every step of the way!”

– Arina Cirstea

1a 7

Sandra and Tom made me feel gregariously welcomed into the LD community and less trepidatious about attempting to contribute to it, when first tentatively and insecurely dipping my toes in that developmental water – and have, ever since, proven to be amazingly wonderful, colourful and inspirational critical education friends. Thank youse and much love tae youse baith – lang may yer lum reek, G

– Gordon Asher

“I started reading the Take#5 blog about five years ago on a rainy winter Tuesday afternoon. It soon became one of my favourite reads as the format was so flexible, and the community who wrote and commented on the blog posts were so supportive of each other.

A couple of blog posts that I have read on Take#5 made me question my own practice as a learning developer and helped me to make changes to my approach to reflection,

and to how I teach reflective strategies to students.

A couple of years, after starting to regularly read the Take#5 blog I wanted to be a part of the conversation and to join officially this kind supportive community too. That led me to co-authoring a number of blog posts with colleagues from across the UK.

The Take#5 blog for me is the best way to summarise what learning development is all about.”

– Anonymous
1a 8

I am very new to this community but not new to academia.

So I have loved reading the blogs I have managed to read – 😊 – these are a refreshing change from academic articles. More personal, more authentic and engaging. A different way of connecting with people that to me is as valid as a publication in a journal. It brings the humanness of people to life. So please don’t stop them. I have written one #Take5. I enjoyed this process although I have never blogged before. It has helped me to connect with people and my new COP will hopefully get off to a great start: Reflection CoP

– Nikki Clarke

Here’s a ChatGPT poem based on the intro of the very first #Take5 blog post written in November 2014 by Sandra Abegglen.

The GenAI Poem… created by ChatGPT 3.5 based on that very first #Take5 intro (and some additional prompts):

In the hustle of Week Zero, the campus hums, Another day, another dollar, the rhythm strums. A new Semester, a fresh Year, the cycle spins, Change whispers its tale, where each journey begins.
Inductions and Preparation, steps to embark, In the dance of transformation, we leave our mark. Buildings shift, rooms transform, modules redefine, In the ever-changing landscape of the academic vine.
Staff members ebb and flow, students come and go, In this mosaic of diversity, London Met's glow. Every soul a thread, woven in this grand design, All moving, all changing, in the passage of time.
'Diverse' echoes the chorus, a prefix to embrace, In this vibrant tapestry, every hue finds its place. No matter who you've taught, no matter the strain, It's all changing once more, in the educational terrain.
In the midst of this whirl, a beacon still shines bright, The #Take5 blog, reaching heights in its flight. 100 posts mark the journey, a testament to thrive, Guided by Sandra and Tom, who keep the flame alive.
Their boundless enthusiasm, for teaching and for more, Their love for learning's essence, a passion to explore. In the realm of education, their spirits dance and play, With wit and warmth, they light the way.
To the contributors and readers, the supports along the line, Their presence fuels the fire, making the blog divine. With caring hearts and joyful souls, they chart a course anew, In the ever-evolving saga, of knowledge pursued.

Alicja Syska

“Sandra and Tom are possibly the most dynamic and impactful academic duo I know, and I have no doubt that my experience is pretty universal in the LD community, perhaps even more widely. What makes them so very special is the way they connect with people on a distinctly personal level while also being fearless disruptors who valiantly challenge the status quo. With Sandra and Tom, the personal and professional worlds blur so naturally that even though I never met them in person (strange, considering all these years!) I feel a strong connection with them, and this is primarily due to how giving, generous, and open-hearted they are. They always make an effort to say a good word about every little success, and emojis go a long way to make people feel seen! They are the connective tissue of the community and I owe them more than I can say without sounding too sentimental. Legendary duo par excellence!”

– Alicja Syska
golden number 5

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  1. Well, someone had to leave a Comment!
    Thank you so much to Katharine Jewitt for joining the #Take5 team – for putting such a beautiful polish on the posts – for the searchable cache of live resources – and for this beautiful 100th edition that somehow also became about us. You made us cry. All the beautiful people included in this post made us cry. Thank you.
    Sandra & Tom

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